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Polecrete General Information

Why mix concrete when you can mount a pole in minutes?

Why mix concrete when you can mount a pole in minutes?

Polecrete™ lets you set poles quickly, permanently in any situation without pouring concrete.

  • No waiting for heavy trucks
  • No waiting for concrete to set
  • Requires no special equipment for use
  • Can be used year round, even in extremely cold climates
  • Environmentally safe ‐ no ozone depleting chemicals
  • Safe and easy to use – minimal training needed
  • Packaging acts as storage, mixing, and disposal container
  • Long lasting, with long shelf life
  • Works on all new poles, including fiberglass, wood, concrete and steel
  • Straightens and stabilizes existing poles

Advanced formula Polecrete™, puts the squeeze on the surrounding soil to set poles fast, easily, and inexpensively without time consuming soil tamping and without pouring concrete. The foam works in virtually any type of soil, even rock and sand. It works in any climate, even extremely cold ones.

Use Polecrete for:

  • Setting new poles
  • Uprighting damaged poles
  • Communication dishes
  • Cable protection
  • Pedestal fill
  • Gate and fence posts
  • Billboard poles
  • Pole barn poles
  • Highway sign poles
  • H-Frame supports

All Polecrete products are certified environmentally safe. The EPA does not classify Polecrete products as a hazardous material or hazardous waste, and the product contains no ozone depleting chemicals.


Polecrete is distributed in Australia by Combined Poles Australia.
BMK began manufacturing and distributing Polecrete Stabilizer about twenty three years ago in the USA. BMK had five competitors in the US at that time and now there are only two. The answer to why is simple – BMK intentionally manufactures Polecrete Stabilizer to the very highest standard, using only virgin chemicals of premium quality. Polecrete Stabilizer is the strongest and most cost effective available today. Additionally, we supply free of charge onsite demonstrations and ongoing assistance to all users of BMK Polecrete Stabilizer.So what is the difference between Polecrete Stabilizer and the other two products on the market?

  1. Polecrete Stabilizer is always the same quality with a compressive strength of 80 psi at 4 pcf density. This is three times stronger than undisturbed clay.
  2. The first to provide a total package. A kit containing all basic items necessary for maximum success: A shipping container, a mix container, a metal mixing blade, vinyl gloves and a wipe out stick. The shipping container, mixing container becomes the disposal container upon completion.
  3. A standard Class 4 – 40’ or any distribution pole can be set in less than 20 minutes from start to finish! Transmission poles may take longer depending upon number of 5 gallon kits required.
  4. All types of poles may be set with Polecrete Stabilizer. It prevents poles from sinking or jacking out of the ground.
  5. Poles set with Polecrete Stabilizer stand the test of time because the urethane plastic foundation locks the pole in place and protects the pole from deterioration.
  6. Our competitor’s quality varies from kit to kit; their density is 6 pcf with a compressive strength of less than 80 psi which means the end user will use 30% more chemical to set the same size pole.
  7. Pole pull break test revealed that our product does not break down or disintegrate like other urethane products that crumble under extreme pressure.
  8. Poles set with Polecrete Stabilizer cannot be pulled out like concrete.
  9. BMK provides onsite training assistance in the US and abroad.

All said and done, Polecrete Stabilizer will save you both time and money.

How To Order

Each gallon of Polecrete Stabilizer makes approximately .056m³ rigid backfill. Since Polecrete works well in confined spaces, you may wish to reduce the diameter of augured holes to further reduce costs. Use the formula at left and the chart above to provide a guideline for how much foam is needed. Polecrete is available in kits of 1 gallon, 2 gallons, 3 gallons, or 5 gallons.

Also available:

Padcrete™ – Structural foam for pad transformer stabilisation.
Postloc – Structural foam for setting and straightening road side structures and posts.
Polecrete Stabalizer 6lb – Structural foam for Transmission pole application.
Polecrete Hydro – Structural foam for pole installation moist wetland areas.

If you have more questions about Polecrete™, please check out the FAQ page or ring us for more information