Combined Poles

Industry leaders in composite pole construction

Combined Poles Australia is located Blacktown, NSW


Strong Materials

Combined Poles are lightweight, strong, resist corrosion, are impervious to insect attack and have a useful life far in excess of that of Wooden Poles. Fiberglass reinforced composite poles never rot, rust, corrode, splinter, or decay and Insects and wildlife won’t eat them. The Tuff-pole transmission and distribution pole will maintain its original strength throughout its long life.

cost effective - budget friendly

Cost Effective

Best value for money solutions. We understand that your project is subject to tight budgets, and we endeavour to always provide solutions that provide excellent return on investment. Our Blacktown electrical team will work closely with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your results.

Mounting Foam Technology

Tamping, tipping, and concrete mixing are a thing of the past. Polecrete™ lets you set poles quickly, permanently, and inexpensively in virtually any soil, and in almost any weather, without pouring concrete. Advanced-formula Polecrete™ puts the squeeze on the surrounding soil to set poles fast, easy, and inexpensively without time consuming soil tamping and without pouring concrete or waiting for it to cure.